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Shades & Shadows is at Long Beach Comic Con!
We’ve been working under the cover of darkness, in secret lairs and hidden alcoves, and are proud to announce that Shades & Shadows will be presenting not just one event, but an entire day’s worth of content on Saturday, September 12th!
Body Issues in Genre Fiction

Genre fiction offers authors interesting and exciting ways to explore the idea of difference in terms of bodies and the construction of masculinity and femininity, and it only gets weirder when nonhumans get thrown into the mix! In this panel, we’ll deconstruct the notion of “normal” bodies.
Panelists: Michael Paul Gonzalez, Cecil Castellucci, Gallagher Lawson, Christa Faust, Sherri L. Smith
Moderator: Samuel Sattin

LGBT Issues in Genre Fiction

How many main characters in genre fiction can you name who land somewhere on the LGBT spectrum of identities? Let’s tackle issues of representation in real life and on the page. In worlds where anything is possible, how can we use the tools of genre fiction to create a more inclusive universe?
Panelists:  Martin Pousson, Sheri Lewis Wohl, Maureen McHugh, Gallagher Lawson, Sean Abley
Moderator: Xach Fromson

The Controversy of Sexual Violence in Genre Fiction
Is it just us, or is there a whole lot of violence against women being portrayed across all mediums of genre fiction? When one in three women will experience violence in their lives, how do we break silence and reflect the reality of women everywhere in a way that is respectful?
Panelists: Samuel Sattin, Maria Alexander, Michael Paul Gonzalez, John Skipp, Mere Smith, Heather Lyons

Moderator:Lauren Candia

Shades & Shadows LIVE Show

Featuring Samuel Sattin, Cecil Castellucci, Chris Farnsworth, Richard Kadrey, and Sherri L. Smith
Hosted by Xach Fromson & Lauren Candia

Come join us! Get tickets at now!