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Coming to rock your world with fantastic tales of murder, mayhem, and maybe a little bit of woe, another amazing lineup of spectacular authors. For our fifth installment of Shades & Shadows, we bring you:

Mike Buckley is a fiction writer whose work has appeared in The Best American Non Required Reading, The Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Southern California Review, among other national journals.  He has been nominated for various awards, including the Pushcart Prize.  His debut collection of short stories, Miniature Men, was released in 2009. He is a practicing Creative Futurist, focusing on using Science Fiction prototyping to change corporate and governmental policy.

Mike Robinson has been writing since age 7, when his story “Aliens In My Backyard!” became a runaway bestseller, topping international charts (or maybe that was also just a product of his imagination). He has since published fiction in a dozen magazines, literary anthologies and podcasts. His debut novel, Skunk Ape Semester, released by Solstice Publishing, was a Finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Currently he’s the managing editor of Literary Landscapes, the official magazine of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. His supernatural novels The Green-Eyed Monster, Negative Space (both part of The Enigma of Twilight Falls trilogy) and The Prince of Earth are all available. He also co-authored Hurakan’s Chalice, the third installment of Aiden James’ bestselling “Talisman Chronicles” series. His most recent book is Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray: A Collection of Weird Fiction. You can find him on Amazon, Facebook, and at  his “Skunk Ape Semester” website,, and his Cryptopia Blog,

Michael Paul Gonzalez is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of Angel Falls, a satirical adventure where Satan has to save the universe from other ancient deities. His new novel, Miss Massacre’s Guide to Murder and Vengeance is newly released. It’s the tale of a woman with no legs and unlimited ammunition who’s on a drug-addled quest for revenge. He is the founder of ThunderDome Press, and has published short stories in the Booked. Podcast Anthology, Appalachian Undead (Apex Press), Gather Kindling, Colored Chalk, and various places around the web. Join the fun at or take a tour of hell over at You can also find him on Amazon.

Adam Cushman‘s stories have appeared in over three dozen literary journals including The St. Petersburg Review, The Ampersand Review, and Pindeldyboz. His first novel Cut is published by Black Mountain Press. He holds an MFA from Columbia University and is a contributing editor at Trop (

Sherri Smith By day she works in a monster factory, at night she writes by the glow of her laptop.  Sherri L. Smith is the award-winning author of five Young Adult novels including the 2009 California Book Awards Gold Medalist, Flygirl—a World War II adventure the Washington Post named a best book of the year.  Her latest novel is the “cli-fi” adventure, Orleans.  You can find her at

Carl Crew

Books will be available for purchase at the event, and if you ask very nicely, you might even get your copy signed by the author.

At the California Institute of AbnormalArts
11334 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
$10 at the door.
Doors at 8:00 p.m., show begins at 8:30.
RSVP on Facebook here.

We’re still trying to find the perfect way to post photos, so bear with us as we experiment. If you have a suggestion, please email us!

Shades & Shadows will be back at the California Institute of Abnormalarts on March 15 with a brand new lineup of authors.

Until then, check us out at the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival!  Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 1:40pm – 2:00pm, a mini-presentation of Shades & Shadows will darken the stage of the dA Center for the Arts in the Pomona Arts Colony.

Our readers:

LAUREN CANDIA is the co-creator of the Shades & Shadows Reading Series. She holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies from UC Riverside, and proudly claims the feminist title. When not planning literary events, she writes creepy stories and is currently working on her first YA novel.

JUSTIN ROBINSON Much like film noir, Justin Robinson was born and raised in Los Angeles. He splits his time between editing comic books, writing prose, and wondering what that disgusting smell is. Degrees in Anthropology and History prepared him for unemployment, but an obsession with horror fiction and a laundry list of phobias provided a more attractive option.

LILLIAM RIVERA is a 2013 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow and a 2013 Enchanted Land Fellow at A Room of Her Own Foundation. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bellevue Literary Review, The, Los Angeles Review of Books, Writers Tribe Review Spring 2013, Antioch University’s Lunch Ticket, Sucker Literary, and Latina. She’s currently working on a contemporary young adult novel titled My Shelf Life, an untitled speculative fiction novel, and various short stories. Lilliam can be found at

The best part?  It’s FREE admission!

The dA Center for the Arts is located at:

252-D South Main Street

Pomona, California 91766


Driving Directions:

To get to the Pomona Arts Colony from the Los Angeles area, take the 10 Freeway East past the 57 Freeway and exit on Garey Avenue.

From the 10 Freeway East, turn right on Garey.  From the 10 Freeway West, turn left on Garey.  In about 2 miles, you will pass under a railroad bridge.  Take the next right if it’s early in the evening (before 6).  If it’s later, you might want park on the other side of Garey and walk over, heading west.
The dA Center is on Main Street, which runs parallel to Garey.  There is both street and $3 pay parking nearby on both sides of Garey Avenue.

Check out San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival’s Facebook Page for more information: San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival Facebook Page

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Our first show on Saturday, September 28th was a resounding success! Thank you to everybody who came, to our brave readers, and to our hosts!


CHRIS FARNSWORTH was born and raised in Idaho, where he worked as an investigative and business reporter for several years, before selling his first script, THE ACADEMY, to MGM. He is also the writer of the Nathaniel Cade series, about a vampire who works for the President of the United States. The books, BLOOD OATH, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE, and RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD, are available now from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

COBURN HAWK went to an art school, stumbled into the film business where he ended up doing pyrotechnics and weapons handling, successfully got OUT of the film business (harder then getting in) and found himself in technology, where he now works as a Director of User Experience. In his first novel THE MIDDLE MAN, he chose to rewrite the afterlife and explore the question “who runs purgatory?” He is currently writing book two in the series THE THREE KEYS …The “Knotted Circle” series is at least a trilogy, probably more like five books…

JENNIFER BOSWORTH attended the University of Utah, where she later taught continuing education classes on writing horror, science fiction, and fantasy. She moved to Los Angeles and is part of a writer/director duo with her husband, Ryan Bosworth. Her first novel, STRUCK, came out on May 8, 2012.

STEVEN-ELLIOT ALTMAN is a bestselling SciFi author of such novels as DEPRIVERS, ZEN IN THE ART OF SLAYING VAMPIRES and THE KILLSWITCH REVIEW. He’s also written comic books like THE IRREGULARS and video games such as 9DRAGONS. His most recent runaway success is the Facebook game PEARL’S PERIL. He pitches left, bats right.

GRETCHEN McNEIL is an opera singer, writer and clown. She has three novels, POSSESS, TEN, and 3:59, with GET EVEN and GET DIRTY coming out in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

ROSS HELFORD is a produced screenwriter, Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, trombonist, long-time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, and teacher. Also, he is nearly finished earning an MFA in creative writing from UC Riverside’s low-residency Palm Desert program.

We’ve taken some advice to heart and will be making a few tweaks and changes to our show, making it stronger and better, and we’ve begun planning our November event! Keep an eye out for the information!